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The Arthroscopic Advantage for Your Knees

Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Can Speed Recovery

arthroscopic knee surgery, orthopedic surgeon The ColonyIn the past, knee surgery typically required orthopedic surgeons to use surgically invasive methods to inspect and repair joint or ligament damage. This resulted in residual pain and extended recovery times. Thankfully, today, knee surgeons are able to use a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopic knee surgery to repair knee problems.

Arthroscopic knee surgery allows for faster recovery times, minimal or no pain, and fewer incisions. It is considered outpatient surgery, which generally means no hospital stay, thus reduced expense to the patient and insurance company. It’s amazing that so many benefits go hand-in-hand with a simple little medical instrument.

What is an Arthroscope?

An arthroscope is a long, thin tube that has a light and a camera on the end of it. This camera can transmit high-quality images back to a video monitor. During arthroscopic knee surgery, the arthroscope allows the orthopedic surgeon to inspect details inside the patient’s knee joints. Using an arthroscope, a surgeon can also guide other tools into the joint area.

Small Opening, Big Benefits

During arthroscopic knee surgery, a surgeon makes a few small incisions in the area of the affected knee. The patient is sedated during the entire process and will be monitored by an anesthetist who will ensure that the patient’s vital signs remain strong. The knee surgeon inserts an arthroscope into one of the incisions and views the patient’s knee joint. Through other small incisions, other orthopedic surgery tools may then be inserted. Many advanced treatment methods today can be delivered through this very small incision.

Who Benefits from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

A number of people may be able to benefit from arthroscopic knee surgery, including those individuals who have internal bone fragments caused by physical trauma or those individuals who have suffered a torn meniscus. Additionally, arthroscopic surgery can be used to reconstruct a torn ACL or to remove inflamed tissue. Your orthopedic surgeon at FAITH Surgical will be able to tell you whether you would be a good candidate for arthroscopic knee surgery.

Contact Faith Surgical Center for Arthroscopic Options

In The Colony, TX, anyone suffering from knee pain or disability can turn to the experienced knee surgeons at FAITH Surgical Center for help. FAITH Surgical offers a variety of services, including arthroscopic knee surgery, advanced imaging, and other treatment options for people suffering from joint pain due to disease or injury.

Contact our Dallas area surgery center online or call 972-370-7200 to check on a scheduled surgery. In addition to orthopedic surgeons, this surgery center also provides services for those seeking a urologist, gynecologist, spine surgeon, or vein surgeon.