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What is a Bunion?

bunion, foot pain, foot surgery DallasA bunion is a condition where the big toe pushes against the other toes. The base of the big toe joint enlarges over time. When this occurs, the big toe begins to further crowd the other toes. This condition results in the formation of a bunion at the base of the big toe as the joint begins to point away from the normal profile of the foot.

Bunions may occur because of poor foot structure, arthritis, or in people who wear tight poorly fitting shoes. Women are prone to bunions because of years of wearing high heeled shoes. The foot doctor with FAITH Surgical Center can properly diagnose the severity of your bunion.

Symptoms of a Bunion

A bunion takes the pressure of each step causing the joint to enlarge. It is important to contact a foot doctor if bunion symptoms occur. Symptoms may include:

  • Large bump on the base of the toe joint
  • Hardened skin or callus on the bump
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Pain in the big toe

Surgical Treatment Options for Bunions

If nonsurgical approaches are ineffective, our foot doctor may recommend surgical treatment. Bunionectomy is the more common surgery for bunions. Our foot doctor is a highly skilled foot surgeon. The podiatrist will be sure to answer all of your questions and ensure you understand recommended treatments.

To verify a surgery with our foot doctor, or to answer any podiatry questions, please call our surgery center at 972-370-7200 or use our online contact form.