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What is a Colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a procedure used to examine the vagina, vulva, and cervix for disease. An instrument called a colposcope is used by the gynecologist during the procedure. The procedure is recommended when a Pap test results return with abnormal findings or concerns. The magnifying device allows the doctor to closely examine the areas for problems undetected by the naked eye. The colposcope may be attached to a monitor for pictures or video.

Benefits of a Colposcopy

The colposcopy procedure is performed to examine the cervix when abnormal results are returned from a Pap test. The benefits of a colposcopy are:

  • Ability to closely look at the cervix for problems
  • Ability to take a biopsy immediately, if problems are found
  • Check abnormal growths or sores around the cervix
  • Follow up on previous colposcopy procedures
  • Detect if HPV is present

The doctor should know if you are pregnant, taking medications, experiencing bleeding problems, or have any infection affecting the cervix, vagina, or pelvic area.

Frisco Gynecologist Providing Colposcopy Care

Our gynecologist is an expert in colposcopy procedures as well as other diagnostic tests and has an office conveniently located in Frisco to serve the community and the surrounding areas for women’s health needs.

Steven Trostel, M.D. – Frisco Gynecologist

To verify a gynecology procedure at Faith Surgical Center, or to answer any questions, please call our surgery center at 972-370-7200 or use our online contact form.