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What is a Labral Tear?

shoulder pain, labral tear, orthopedic surgeryA labral tear occurs when the labrum, or the tissue lining the surface of the glenoid and the scapula, gets caught between the glenoid and humerus. When this occurs the labrum may start to tear. This can occur by a direct injury to the shoulder or from wear and tear from activity and can lead to shoulder instability. Without proper care by an orthopedic shoulder specialist, it can lead to further shoulder instability and a decreased range of motion. Tears may occur above or below the glenoid socket.

Symptoms of a Labral Tear

Symptoms of a labral tear may not appear instantly, but depending on the severity of the injury, they may include:

  • Sharp pop during certain shoulder movements
  • Prolonged aching
  • Shoulder instability
  • Slipping with certain movements
  • Radiating pain down the arm

Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeons in Plano

FAITH Surgical Center has the best orthopedic shoulder surgeons available in the area. If your condition requires surgical treatment, our shoulder surgeons will provide their experts skills at our state-of-the-art facility.

  • Christopher Hanssen, M.D. – Orthopedic Shoulder Surgeon in Plano
  • Shawn Hayden, M.D. – Plano Orthopedic Surgeon

Surgical Treatment Options for a Labral Tear

If surgical treatment is necessary after nonsurgical approaches have been tried, our orthopedic shoulder surgeons will provide the best care available. Our shoulder surgeons are highly experienced at various shoulder surgical techniques and will advise you on the best surgical approach to treatment on your shoulder which may include:

To verify a labral tear surgery with one of our orthopedic shoulder surgeons, contact us online or please call our surgery center at 972-370-7200 use our online contact form.