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What is Ureteroscopy?

kidney stones, ureteroscopyUreteroscopy is a procedure used to diagnose and treat problems in the urinary tract, including the removal of kidney stones. The process involves inserting a flexible tube with a camera in the urethra. Our urologist at FAITH Surgical Center then passes the instrument through the bladder and the ureter to address the kidney stone.

Benefits of Ureteroscopy

Newer technology is allowing the urologist to remove stones closer to the kidney. The benefits to having a ureteroscopy are:

  • No cuts or incisions in the body
  • Kidney stoned may be removed with forceps
  • Smaller stones may be removed whole
  • Instruments can be used during procedure to remove kidney stones
  • Stone may be removed using lithotripsy
  • Outpatient process in most cases
  • Discomfort should leave within a day

Ureteroscopy Care Providers in Plano

The urologists who work with FAITH Surgical Center are among the best in the area. The facility is a advanced surgical center for the urologists’ surgery needs. Our urologists are committed to excellence and are highly experienced in ureteroscopy procedures.

  • Michael Wierschem, M.D. – Plano Urologist
  • Joseph Padalino, M.D. – Plano Urologist

To verify a surgery with our urologists, or to answer any questions, please contact us online or call our surgery center at 972-370-7200.